ZUUM Shoes Charger

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Why zuum?

ZUUM Shoes have been rigorously tested to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality product. They are fireproof and are durable enough for any adventure.


ZUUM Shoes are compact and lightweight. Easily maneuver through or around tight objects and areas. Their design allows you to take them with you anywhere!

ZUUM Specs

Top Speed: Up to 8 MPH

Ride Time: Up to 2 hours

Max Slope: 10 degrees

Charge Time: 2 hours

Weight: 7 lbs each

Max Weight: 300lbs

Fun for the whole family
ZUUM Anywhere, anytime.

ZUUM Shoes are built with puncture proof tires, meaning the days of having constantly inflate them are a thing of the past. ZUUM over concrete, wooden floors, heck... even street gravel!

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