Did ZUUM Technologies make a deal on Shark Tank?

Did ZUUM Technologies make a deal on Shark Tank?

Unfortunately, the ZUUM Team did not end up closing a deal with the Sharks on their innovative self-balancing electric skates known as ZUUM Shoes or otherwise known as ZUUMs.

Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner agreed that we were out on the grounds that they believed that we did not have a strong enough game plan. None of the Sharks wound up making an offer. Afterwards, our Co-Founder Chico said, that we will continue to push ahead with the business, and will take the criticisms that the panel gave them to heart.

A tweet from Barbara Corcoran below:

And Barbara was right! Our Co-Founders Mason Buechler and Chico Guerra took that hit to heart. "It's the epitome of entrepreneurship," says Guerra, "to face failure with optimism, knowing that it will only execute better results."

The ZUUM Tech Team has been pushing forward since their airdate on SharkTank and have been seeing extraordinary results since then.

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