Your ZUUM Shoes will be shipped out within 2 business days. Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to arrive after it has been shipped out.

You may only test ride the ZUUM Shoes if you are local to the Pacific Northwest area. We are working hard on bringing a ZUUM popup store near you. Stay tuned!

The waterproof grade of ZUUM Shoes is IPX6.

No. There is no chance that ZUUM Shoes will catch on fire in use, charging or while in storage. The battery and other electrical components are all manufactured inside a fireproof casing to address this concern.

Typically, battery life can see a slight decrease in low temperature environments. Ideal riding temperature is between 14 - 104°F (-10 - 40°C).

ZUUM Shoes are built with lithium-ion batteries. It takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Yes. ZUUM Shoes are approved for passing through airport security as a luggage item or carry on. Be sure to always check beforehand with your airline, as some airlines have different regulations.

No. There is only one speed mode for ZUUM Shoes. The more you lean, the faster they will go.

You will not encounter this issue. ZUUM Shoes have a solid rubber tire to prevent this from occurring.

The rider is advised to wear DOT Certified Helmets to ensure their safety while riding. Riders should be above 6 years old, and weigh no more than 220lbs (100kg). Riders 16 years or younger must ride under adult supervision.

Yes, both ZUUM Shoes need to be on in order to ride safely.