Our Story

Growing up, we were both always fascinated with the idea of starting our own business. From the proverbial lemonade stand, to selling candy out of our lockers in high school, we had the entrepreneurial itch. 

We grew up just 5 houses away from each other. From the 3rd grade on, we would consider ourselves best friends. Although we both had a love for business, it wasn't until after college we would really start taking it seriously. Starting a business is scary, but it's something we knew we would regret not doing.

After some brainstorming and countless coffee shop sessions, we booked our first trip to China. There, we began setting the frame work for what would be Zuum Technologies.

After meeting with a manufacturer in China, they showed us the first iteration of the product. We gave them some suggestions on what they should improve on and from there they sent us the updated version.

We went from successfully launching a Kickstarter to making it on the big screen with Shark Tank; and now we are scrambling around fulfilling orders. It's something we could have never imagined, and we're just getting started.